Under the Sun



Submit your deepest phases unto the flares of the Sun
Cut your deadliest sorrows with the layers of fun
Oh how worthy it is to play under the Sun!
Melting the pains and wounds never shunned.

Like the hot breeze release the hatred
In the humidity wipe the tears that you’ve catered
For years and years we carry on
With all that grudges we’re buried on.



Crawl through the layers of my book

You’re sure to find

atleast one treasure of my heart.


Take itĀ if you know it

Or else leave it untouched.


Because you’re way far from UNDERSTANDING

A tune to my lyrics


It was those notes that led me

down the stairs towards the hallway

in the dead of the night.

The rhythm sounded harmonious

much more than a symphony.

But could not find a maestro

dressed in a suit with his baton.

I bit my little finger firm

to ensure I’m not in a hypnic jerk.

And that’s how I discovered the tune

that my lyrics were about to bear

Unleash the Goodness


Watch the clouds when its dark

to observe its lousy movements.

Cling to your love when you’re mad

patience will beget you.

Loiter around when its noon

sun will teach you the essence of hardwork.

Travel the world when you’re young

dreams would fly unto you.

Love everyone on being lone

for understanding the pain of isolation.

Feel proud of your failures

you’ve grown one step stronger.

Congratulate others on their success

and watch your jealousy fade away.


Drunken Love



Light and low key

my heart swayed to the music that you played.

Dark and drowsy

my lips synced to the love that you made.

Hale and hearty

my soul drank the joy that you gave.

Dirt and filthy

were the words that we whispered.

Wild and trippy

were the dances that we did.

Tight and skinny

were the hugs and kisses that we shared.

Then how could you end up so quick

when I was just halfway done…

A Shoulder to Cry


Clinging to my shoulders

she whispered she ain’t fine.

Her heart felt like burning fire

that set my thoughts a point higher.

For she always kept secluded

her plights so no others ponder.

Emptying her mind out

sounded like travelling to moon.

But her sudden convulsions

murmured some words in ire.

I gasped the edge of her torment

barely understanding those feeble noises.

I took her closer to my sternum

to let her hear my beats say


Those Slithered Words












Out flew those crafty words,

as a bee searching its sweet drink.

And it seemed to make no return,

unless fostered some nominal pangs.


It slithered away as a snake,

intending to maim, sting and devastate.

The soul of a tranquil man,

with unending agony and ache.


So beware before you enounce,

for you reap for the words once uttered.

Even a hundred years after,

its blemish would be left unfaded.

Whole Big Dream


I too have certain dreams

quite a lot more than them,

And I’ll toil till it earn wings

to hover much closer blue skies.


I’ll make friends with the winds

not to recast my routes,

At times of rains and storms

to hold me steadfast to my track.


No matter how rapid I fall

everything I’ll redo like a light quill,

As if searching new heights

with a lot more passionate will.


My dream would remain inseparable

from all of me and my soul,

Until you hear my last gasps

to settle my body to dust.