Whole Big Dream


I too have certain dreams

quite a lot more than them,

And I’ll toil till it earn wings

to hover much closer blue skies.


I’ll make friends with the winds

not to recast my routes,

At times of rains and storms

to hold me steadfast to my track.


No matter how rapid I fall

everything I’ll redo like a light quill,

As if searching new heights

with a lot more passionate will.


My dream would remain inseparable

from all of me and my soul,

Until you hear my last gasps

to settle my body to dust.


17 thoughts on “Whole Big Dream

  1. Hey first of all.. Hearty congrats on your whole new blogging initiative. Secondly your writing is flawless dear. Keep writing keep inspiring. Share them with me ✌

    Liked by 1 person

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